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Hero Mom Uses Maternity Leave To Travel The World With Newborn

Saint Mom Uses Maternity Leave To Travel The World With Newborn Most working mothers with little youngsters aren't pondering venturing to every part of the worldespecially after simply conceiving an offspring. Yet, that is justwhat Karen Edwards is doingthanks to her country'sgenerous maternity leave strategy. The 33-year-old mother of two from London is right now trekking the globe with her significant other, Shaun, and their 3-year-old little girl Esm and infant child Quinn. The family began the outing when Quinn was only 9-weeks-old. In a meeting withABC News, Karen clarifies that she took a comparative excursion when her little girl was conceived. She likewise says thattraveling with her kidsis shockingly less requesting than shuffling parenthood while dealing with a home. I attempt to disclose to individuals its really simpler than being at home in light of the fact that at home you have a great deal more activities in simply running a family unit, she said. Were extremely content with what we're doing. She has been reporting her movements on her Instagram account which has very nearly 100,000 followers.Shaun likewise has his own accountwith much more photographs of the family. On the off chance that you were pondering, Karen is a medical attendant director and has in part paid leave for the initial nine months and unpaid leave for the last three months. The family says they are bearing the outing by leasing their home while they are away. It additionally gives the idea that a portion of their Instagram posts are supported by publicists. So far they have been to intriguing areas including Spain, Central America and the Pacific Northwest. Here are a portion of our preferred shots of Karen and her family making the most of her downtime: Shopping in Guatemala. (Source: Instagram) Taking care of iguanas in Belize. (Source: Instagram) Modeling for a family photograph in San Francisco. (Source: Instagram) Looking at a zebra in South Africa. (Source: Instagram) Taking in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. (Source: Instagram) Breastfeeding in Vietnam. (Source: Instagram) Unwinding in Spain. (Source: Instagram) Getting a charge out of the view in Yosemite Park. (Source: Instagram) Visiting a winery in British Columbia, Canada. (Source: Instagram) Visiting LEGOLAND in Florida. (Source: Instagram) - This article initially showed up on WorkingMother.com.

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Dear Susan Fowler, Please Dont Take Ubers Settlement Offer - Workology

Dear Susan Fowler, Please Dont Take Ubers Settlement Offer - Workology Im Sorry That HR Failed You Dear Susan, As I read your open letter about your time spent at Uber like  the perhaps million of readers, I cringed. With my mouth open-wide, I read your letter. Having worked in the human resources industry for a number of large companies, your stories are ones I have heard before, just not as one story of harassment, retaliation and discrimination aimed at  a single person. Yours is a story that I believe because no person would risk their professional career to write a story like this, especially considering your background as an expert in your field and a best-selling published author. You have and had a lot to lose. I have worked in human resources for nearly 20 years, having served as a consultant to the industry, researcher and professional storyteller for the last ten years. Ive investigated and been part of perhaps thousands of employee complaints, sexual harassment investigations, performance reviews and coaching conversations. But  nothing in the scope of what you have described. As I read your article outlining your year at Uber and the blatant  sexual harassment you encountered, I was sad. I was angry. I felt like I was there because not only have I investigated claims like yours. I have also been subject to a small percentage of the situations and horror which you describe. I think that most women have which is why your story had the effect that it did. According to a 2008 study by the Association of Women in Action, 54% of the respondents reported have experienced some form of workplace sexual harassment. 54% of women survey have experienced some form of workplace sexual harassment #work #shrm Click To Tweet Im Sorry That HR Failed You As I read your letter, I kept telling myself silently that you needed to report your claims to HR. That talking to the human resources representative at the company would be the right thing. You did, though and the HR team didnt do a damn thing. I guess thats wrong. They did do something. They covered up the mess, the discrimination and the retaliation  that you experienced, even though you had evidence in the form of electronic communication and private messenger screenshots which is far more credible than hearsay and conversations between you and your manager. Susan, Im writing to apologize. While I think there were many people in your time at Uber that contributed to the horrible experience that no person should endure, I wanted to apologize to you on behalf of HR. Im sorry. Im sorry we failed you, not just once, but over and over again. As I mentioned, Ive worked in HR a long time. Were supposed to be the keeper of ethics and the setter of good workplace examples. Because of that we dont often have a lot of friends. I learned my lesson early on in my career how uncomfortable and awkward it is to go to happy hour with work colleagues one night and the next day several of those same individuals are in your office part of an investigation. Its a lonely profession, and 99.9% of the people I know in human resources are some of the best human beings Ive ever met. They (and I) absolutely love what they do. They take pride in it and have, at times, sacrificed their careers to do the right thing. Unfortunately, HR often gets a bad rap because they have to deliver tough workplace messages like laying off employees or reprimanding a leader who is a peer because of unsavory behaviors in violation of company policy. And in your situation, HR didnt step up. They had the chance. They had 20 or more chances in your year with Uber. They choose to ignore the blatant sexism, harassment, vulgar behavior, propositioning, and retaliation. They contributed to the hostile work environment that you spent 365 days working in. I Wont Suggest Solutions I could write an article that urges employers to avoid stories like yours for the future. I might suggest that in order for companies to help create an environment where sexual harassment is not tolerated they set up an employee hotline allowing employees to submit anonymous complaints. Typically companies pay an outside service to manage these calls while holding HR and senior leaders accountable to investigations. I might even suggest company-wide sexual harassment training as well as specific manager or HR training. However, my guess is that Uber already has these things and what happened to you happened in spite of them, not because of an absence. Your story is bigger than a couple quick organizational fixes. The entire workplace and not just Ubers needs major and immediate change. Im sorry, Susan. Its all I can say, but I will give you a piece of advice. You might feel like what youve done is enough. Your story went viral forcing Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to call for an investigation. Its generated some meaningful discussion online and in the  media, which is forcing Uber and others to address hostile work environments and sexism in the workplace. By now, youve gotten a call from Ubers legal team or someone who has made a very generous offer to make this workplace horror story go away, by throwing money at the problem. Im not telling you not to take the offer, but I am suggesting that you talk to an attorney. You certainly have a case that would be of interest to the EEOC because your story is bigger than you. Hey, @susanthesquark Dont take #Ubers sexual harassment settlement http://bit.ly/no-susan #shrm #tech Click To Tweet Stand Up and Fight Your case can help change the discrimination and harassment that exists not just in Silicon Valley or in tech but everywhere. Your story could change the workplace for thousands or even millions of women working in the US now, and in the future. I ask that before you sign that non-disclosure and cash that seven-figure check, you think about this very carefully. People arent taking sexual harassment seriously enough. I mean, we have just sworn in a president who calls statements like grab her by the pussy locker room talk. The only way that companies, managers or even CEOs will really learn that the behavior you experienced, described and endured is wrong is by hurting them in their PLs, earnings calls and EBITA. We need more strong women to stand up and drive attention to how common experiences like yours are in workplaces. You have an opportunity to drive change for women in tech, and most importantly, to help create a new workplace for our daughters that is free from this kind of negativity. So Susan, dont take the deal. Stand up and fight. You have the power. You have the opportunity to make a difference in equality and ending sexism in the workplace. Personally, Id love to see your next book be about your experience, the experience of other women and how we can effectively eliminate harassment like you experienced at work. Sincerely, Jessica Miller-Merrell

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Writing a High School Student Resume

<h1>Writing a High School Student Resume</h1><p>Writing a secondary school understudy continue isn't as troublesome as it might appear. On the off chance that you are searching for some guidance on the best way to compose a secondary school understudy continue that will be hard for the higher ups to neglect, continue perusing since I am going to impart some extraordinary tips to you.</p><p></p><p>The first tip I need to impart to you is that on the off chance that you need to find a new line of work you should have an incredible resume. The explanation behind this is resumes are a significant apparatus in getting you through the entryway. Individuals see continues on various degrees of significance and they will settle on the choice about whether you will be employed dependent on your resume.</p><p></p><p>The second tip I need to impart to you is that you have to make a secondary school understudy continue that is goin g to stand apart over the rest. Your resume should be something that individuals need to see at the present time. Your resume ought to be something that grabs their eye and they are prepared to call you or give you an interview.</p><p></p><p>The third tip I need to impart to you is that composing a resume is an included procedure. You can compose a resume yourself, however it will take you a long time. On the off chance that you recruit an assistance to accomplish the work for you, at that point you can complete it rapidly. You won't have any desire to need to invest an excessive amount of energy in the real process.</p><p></p><p>The fourth tip I need to impart to you is that you have to remember your past experience when you are composing your resume. You would prefer not to list something that you have just worked at. This will look amateurish and you will never get a job.</p><p></p><p>The fifth tip I need to impart to you is that you have to list your past employments in sequential request. The individuals that are talking with you won't have the option to find your past occupations by name, however you should show them arranged by the dates.</p><p></p><p>The 6th tip I need to impart to you is that you have to concentrate on one industry. Secondary school understudies that enter the workforce after secondary school for the most part spend significant time in a solitary territory of the business. In the event that you are ready to go you have to stress that, else you are squandering everybody's time.</p><p></p><p>Writing a secondary school understudy continue isn't as troublesome as it might appear. For whatever length of time that you follow the tips above and make a resume that stands apart over the rest you will be fruitful. Utilize the tips beneath to make a secondary school understudy continue that will turn out well with employers.< ;/p>

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The Self-Love Revolution is here ( free!) - When I Grow Up

The Self-Love Revolution is here ( free!) - When I Grow Up While Ive become waaaaaaay more hippy-dippy as I go further down the hare gap (a portion of that Secret stuff aint no untruth, individuals), I despite everything recoil at loads of self improvement coordinated stuff. Once in a while it just feels so substantial and despicable and hard. So much wishing and no activity! Also the absence of the word amazeballs. My self improvement guide is so going to have the word amazeballs in the title. In any case, I stray. Thankfully, The Self Love Revolution: Prep School is something contrary to that. Andrea Owen + Amy Smith realize that finding your own self esteem is the way to open the genuine you just as pulling in what you need in your life, as hippy-dippy as that sounds. Self esteem is the enchantment that is your actual, lovely soul and that hella (indeed, I said hella) identifies with your energetic, grown-up profession. My video is included with 9 different specialists, who Im through the moon to be gathered with: Susan Hyatt, Isabel Foxen Duke, Fabeku Fatunmise, Molly Mahar, Jeanna Gabelinni, Lisa Steadman, Tanya Geisler, Mara Glatzel Amy Pearson. Whadda arrangement. On the off chance that you havent already, click here to sign yourself up. The integrity starts May 6 and experiences May 17, with my video arrival in your inbox on May sixteenth. The bestest!

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Top 10 Ways to Survive a Soul-Sucking Job

Top 10 Ways to Survive a Soul-Sucking Job A considerable lot of my customers have been there. Truly, I've been there. You go to work Monday through Friday to a vocation that feels like it is gradually draining the life out of you. It is adversely affecting you at work and more terrible it is negatively affecting you outside of work. You fear Sunday nights. I called it the blue influenza. I felt wiped out on Sunday evenings with the idea of going in the following day. So what would you be able to do? Stop? Indeed, obviously. In any case, for a great many people, stopping without another activity arranged is certifiably not a budgetary alternative. What would you be able to do meanwhile to endure this spirit sucking work? Here are a few hints that can help facilitate the torment until you locate that next position. 1. Recollect the Bigger Goal Before anything else, help yourself to remember your greater objective: to secure the position that satisfies you. Start the day by composing, reciting or expressing your objective for all to hear. Post your objective in places you will see it right when you wake up and consistently. 2. Secret word Power! Utilize your PC secret key to further your potential benefit. Pick a short expression that helps you to remember your objective. We regularly type in our passwords a few times for the duration of the day. Utilize your secret key to help yourself to remember the greater objective. YouareAWESOME88 TodayIStheDay1 3. You Have a Choice Your point of view or way to deal with the day can be the way to enduring even the most exceedingly terrible circumstances. While it doesn't generally appear to be evident, you have a decision about how you need to move toward the day. Set an expectation of how you need to move toward your day and how you need to appear at work. 4. Contemplation Station At the point when your day feels overpowering or even under the least favorable conditions, take a brief contemplation break. There are incredible telephone applications you can utilize. Quieting your brain can help you when the circumstance at work appears to be most depressing. 5. Disposition of Gratitude To differentiate the spirit sucking nature of the activity, make certain to keep an appreciation rundown or diary. Help yourself to remember those things in life you are thankful for. This rundown can go far in filling your heart with joy appear to be increasingly tolerable. 6. Show Me the Good Locate the positive qualities in your day. It might simply be a snappy discussion with an associate or the capacity to respond to a customer's inquiry rapidly. Perceive and appreciate those great minutes, anyway rare they may be. 7. Include Whats Meaningful Recognize exercises you can include into your work day that may be important. For instance, maybe coaching others is a significant action for you. See whether you could include a 30-minute coaching meeting for a more youthful partner once every week. This one action could furnish you with a feeling of satisfaction that is deficient. 8. Tap into Your Values Our qualities give us reason and importance in our lives. Invest some energy recognizing your qualities and characterizing them. In assessing your next activity, ensure your qualities are lined up with that activity. It can have an immense effect in whether the activity feels satisfying to you. 9. Utilize Your Support Network Recognize a team promoter in your life and set her or him to work. Give your team promoter explicit thoughts of how they can support you. For instance, messaging you an awful joke each Tuesday morning, or sending you amusing YouTube cuts 3 times each week could be exactly what you have to carry some levity to your day. 10. Accomplice Up! We as a whole need assistance when we are rolling out a major improvement. We are not the only one! Discover a responsibility accomplice in your encouraging group of people to help you through the way toward finding another line of work. Tell that responsibility accomplice how you need them to consider you responsible and how they should move toward you on the off chance that you miss cutoff times. They can join forces with you to finish your vocation progress, particularly when the procedure gets overpowering and troublesome. While none of these tips can in a flash make a spirit sucking work appear satisfying, they are little advances that can truly have a major effect by they way you feel about your day, how you approach others and how you approach your life. I invite you to share different tips, in the remarks beneath, that you have discovered effective!

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Make your next interview a success with these three things - Copeland Coaching

Make your next interview a success with these three things Interviewing is hard work. If youre currently looking for something new, you know that finding a job is a job. From preparing your favorite suit to revising your resume to networking and rounds of interviews â€" there are times it feels like it will never end. It can be tough to keep your head above water with your existing role while youre balancing your life and your job search. To ensure youre making the most out of every interview, do these three things. Research. The best part about job searching in the age of the internet is transparency. This is something that has never existed in the same way in the past. Take advantage of it. Use websites like Glassdoor, Salary.com, and Indeed to find out how much companies are paying. Look up company reviews to find out what employees think of their workplace. Read through the common interview questions for the company you’re interested in. Search on Google and the company website to learn what new changes the company has recently undergone. And, use LinkedIn to learn more about the hiring manager or better yet, use it to find the hiring managers name. The internet is an invaluable tool to job seekers. Customize your application materials. If you’ve been working to crank out a high volume of applications every day, its something you may not have thought of. The more you target your application materials to the company (and the particular job), the more you increase the likelihood a company will be interested in you. And, it’s not hard to do. Start with your resume. Read the job description closely and ensure you’re highlighting the skills the employer is looking for. Customize your objective statement to include both the job title and the company name. Use a similar approach with your cover letter. Specifically mention the job title and company name and ensure you explain why youre a perfect fit for this particular role. Dont take it personally. Unfortunately, youre not going to get every job you interview for. The higher you climb the ladder and the more specialized your skills are, the truer this becomes. Just because you werent hired doesnt mean the hiring manager doesn’t like you. There are a number of reasons you might have been overlooked that have nothing to do with your skills. For example, an internal candidate may have been preselected. The job may have been put on hold. The hiring manager may have left the company. None of these reasons are about you. When youre rejected, you can either choose to walk away unhappy. Or you can choose to build a relationship with the company. Very often, when you first interview with a company, theyre just getting to know you. If you stay in touch, you will increase your odds of being hired the next time theyre looking for someone with your skillset. Doing your research, customizing your application, and moving through rejection are three keys to making your job search a success. Angela Copeland is a Career Coach and Founder of Copeland Coaching and can be reached at CopelandCoaching.com or on Twitter at @CopelandCoach.

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Dont Answer That Interview Question

Try not to Answer That Interview Question Try not to Answer That Interview Question Improper inquiries questions and how to react (diplomatically).He was in his mid 50s, and he looked all of it.The inquiries hands on application went right to his age.After stewing over the structure and disposing of his first draft, he rounded out a subsequent duplicate. At that point, he sat and sat tight for his meeting. As he paused, an appealing, young lady went into the space for a vocation interview.She was brought in before him. She ended up getting the job.He didn't. He did, nonetheless, get $50,000 in the wake of recording age-segregation claims with the U.S. Equivalent Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).The above experience happened to a companion of Matt Rosen, who imparted the story to Ladders yet asked not to recognize his friend.Rosen has seen work separation from pretty much every edge. He has been a guaranteed work and business lawyer since 1981, has worked in HR since 1995, and as of late ended up searching for a new position. He's been on the two sides of the meeting table and saw numerous unseemly inquiries that can prompt discrimination.Every place, it's staggering, said Rosen, who as of late started HR and lawful work for Franklin Street Financial in Florida. You are constantly requested birth dates, for EEOC (- related data, for example, race and inability status)… . Spots, in my perspective, simply request too much.The reason questioners pose improper inquiries changes. Here and there they segregate, as they did in the situation above. Now and then they need the data for interior insights, he said.And then now and then questioners are just attempting to make discussion, as indicated by Ellen B. Vance, senior expert and warning administrations practice pioneer for Titan Group, a Richmond, Va., HR counseling firm. Numerous unpracticed recruiting directors use inquiries concerning family as an icebreaker for interviews, not understanding that what appear to them as honest requests about life partner, kids, and so on., are unlawful.M ost work searchers would prefer not to sue over these practices. They simply need to realize how to manage them carefully. Employment searchers need to abstain from seeming confrontational and consequently endangering their odds of being recruited and need to abstain from giving over data that can be utilized against them in prejudicial circumstances. Recognizing what inquiries to avoid is the beginning stage, and realizing how to skirt them is the following step.Answer the inquiries they ought to have askedVance regularly encourages work searchers to divert improper inquiries back to the questioner. For instance, whenever asked whether you have kids, you can react by saying, It seems as though family is critical to you - enlighten me concerning yours.By diverting, the candidate isn't put in the circumstance of being seen as ill-disposed, Vance said. In the event that a questioner squeezes, she proposes that another reaction alternative is, I am confounded by your inquiry since I ca n't decide why my age/my conjugal status/my nationality is basic to playing out this activity. Would you shed some light on why you are asking this question?If that doesn't make the questioner get their error, at that point the candidate is left distinctly with the choice of saying, 'I would incline toward not to react to that question,' Vance said.Don't answer these questionsHere are more inquiries that can and can't be posed, as per HR experts and the EEOC. In all conditions, attempt to discover why a questioner is asking a specific beyond reach inquiry, and afterward steer the discussion into tending to specific, important worries, in the accompanying ways:Nationality: It's illicit to get some information about his nationality, his resident status, his local language, or to what extent he's lived here. Whenever asked, rather clarify that you're legitimately ready to work in the United States.Religion: It's not passable to ask what religion work searchers practice, what strict occ asions they watch, or their strict affiliations. On the off chance that a questioner tests these verboten regions, attempt to discover what the questioner is worried about and to address these worries: working certain days of the week, for instance, could be a real concern. Age : Do not address inquiries concerning age past expressing that you are beyond 18 years old. Questioners shouldn't ask that you are so near retirement however can ask what your drawn out vocation objectives are.Marital and family status: While it's allowable for questioners to ask whether you have ever utilized another name in work or scholarly circumstances, it's not passable for them to pose inquiries about your original last name or conjugal status. Try not to respond to inquiries concerning whether you have youngsters or what your kid bearing plans are, however disclose whether you're accessible to stay at work past 40 hours or whether you can travel, especially on short notice.Gender: If sex comes up, ste er the discussion into what attributes and capacities you can bring to the job.Health and physical capacities: It's improper to inquire as to whether they smoke, drink or ingest medications. Your tallness, weight, utilization of days off, nearness of handicaps or past tasks/disorders are likewise beyond reach. Questioners do reserve the privilege to inquire as to whether you've disregarded organization strategies in regards to liquor or tobacco, regardless of whether you utilize unlawful medications (rather than essentially drugs), whether you're ready to lift a given weight or arrive at things on racks that are at a specific tallness, what number of workdays you missed in the previous year, whether you're truly fit for executing the position's particular obligations, and whether you can play out the activity with or without sensible accommodations.Residence: It is wrong to ask the distance away an occupation searcher lives, however it's admissible to inquire as to whether the compe titor can begin work at a given hour or on the off chance that he is willing to relocate.Criminal record: It's improper to inquire as to whether a vocation searcher has ever been captured, yet it is allowable to inquire as to whether she has ever been sentenced for a particular kind of wrongdoing that identifies with the job.Military administration: It is illicit for a business to victimize an individual from the National Guard or Reserves, yet it is lawful to inquire as to whether the activity searcher envisions requiring broadened time away from work.If more terrible comes to worstIf you feel that your work rights have been damaged, you may document an accuse of separation of the EEOC. Here's the EEOC's data page on the most proficient method to do as such. The EEOC likewise gives an inside and out gander at what establishes biased business practice under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).